Patent Specialist

Technical background and specialties
- BSc in Biochemistry, Imperial College London
- MSc in Clinical Microbiology, University of Nottingham

Salina began her IP training at a large IP firm in Osaka where she served many leading multinational pharmaceutical companies and institutions. In addition to Japanese patent application prosecution and registration, she was also involved in various patent infringement, invalidation and licensing projects in Japan.

She specializes in drafting original patent specifications, providing patentability searches and opinions, filing strategy and portfolio management. She also has extensive knowledge in worldwide patent practice through filing, prosecuting and managing numerous multijurisdictional patent portfolios. She has worked with a wide range of technologies spanning biopharmaceuticals, biotechnology, microbiology, traditional Chinese medicine, nanotechnology, medical and mechanical devices.

Professional Intellectual Property Services


A patent is a legal exclusive right a new and useful process, machine...
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A design patent protects a novel shape or surface ornamentation...
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A trademark is a sign which distinguishes your goods and/or services...
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Copyright protects original works that can be expressed...
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